10 haunting do-it-yourself ways to decorate candy

DIY crafts inspired from Pinterest are great crafts for the spooky season. Michaela Kelley,DN
DIY crafts inspired from Pinterest are great crafts for the spooky season. Michaela Kelley,DN

If you’ve ever been trick or treating, you know that some houses hand out better candy options than others. You may have even memorized the best places to stop when you were a kid. 

During the dorm trick or treat event Oct. 30 for the Muncie community, you definitely want to be one of the “cool” rooms. 

Consider some of the DIY suggestions below to amp up your frightening treats.

Lollipop Ghosts

Lollipop ghosts are easy crafts for kids to make. Michaela Kelley,DN

What you need:

  • A variety of lollipops — tootsie pops or blow pops are suggested
  • Two tissues
  • scissors
  • Orange and black ribbon
  • Black marker


  1. Lay one tissue on a table. Make sure it is smooth. 
  2. Lay the second tissue over top of the first. This is to make sure the tissues are thick enough not to rip. 
  3. Place the sucker in the center of the tissue, so that only ¼ of the stick hangs past the edge of the tissue. 
  4. Wrap the tissue around the sucker, so the edges hang downward. 
  5. Tie a piece of string underneath the lollipop to look like the head of a ghost. It should be tight enough so the tissue does not fall off, but not so tight to rip it.
  6. Draw on two black eyes. 
  7. Admire your completed lollipop ghost. 

Sucker Spiders

Sucker spiders are spooky treats kids love. Michaela Kelley,DN

What you need: 

  • A variety of lollipops — tootsie pops or blow pops are suggested
  • 2 black pipe cleaners 
  • Scissors
  • Two small googly eyes


  1. Cut both black pipe cleaners in half.
  2. Line all four pipe cleaners in a row on a table. 
  3. Place a lollipop in the center of the pipe cleaners, so the top of the sucker rests right above the first pipe cleaner. 
  4. Take all four pipe cleaners on one side of the sucker and fold downward to the other side. 
  5. Take the four pipe cleaners on the other side and do the same thing, but reverse — pull them to the other side in an upward fashion. 
  6. Spread all eight legs apart evenly. 
  7. Bend the bottom of each leg downward to create the spider’s “feet.”
  8. Glue two googly eyes onto the center of the spider’s body. 
  9. Admire your completed sucker spider.

Candy Pumpkin Surprise

Candy pumpkin surprises are easy crafts to hand out for Halloween. Michaela Kelley,DN

What you need:

  • An orange balloon
  • An assortment of candy
  • Black marker
  • Green tissue paper
  • Scissors


  1. Put three pieces of candy inside an unblown balloon. 
  2. Once the three pieces are inside the balloon, slowly begin to blow it up. Make sure not to pop the balloon. 
  3. When the balloon is big enough to hide all three pieces of candy, tie the end of the balloon in a knot. 
  4. With the knot pointing toward the sky, draw a face on your “pumpkin.”
  5. Cut thin strips out of green tissue paper. 
  6. Tie multiple strips around the knot in the balloon to represent the stem of your pumpkin. 
  7. Admire your completed candy pumpkin surprise. 

Frankenstein Party Poppers

Frankenstein party popper is a great way to pass out candy in bulk. Michaela Kelley,DN

What you need:

  • An assortment of small candy
  • An empty toilet paper roll
  • Green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black tissue paper
  • Black marker
  • String
  • Googly eyes


  1. Spread out a piece of black tissue paper on a table. 
  2. Make a rectangle with the candy in the middle of the tissue paper. 
  3. Roll the tissue paper around the candy to make the shape of a large tootsie roll. 
  4. Twist the ends and tie with string. 
  5. Cut a piece of green construction paper to cover the toilet paper roll. 
  6. Glue the paper on the toilet paper roll. 
  7. Fit the green toilet paper roll over top of the wrapped candy so the candy is hidden and only the flared ends of tissue paper can be seen. 
  8. Glue to googly eyes in the center of the top third of the toilet paper roll. 
  9. Draw a straight horizontal line for a mouth with three even vertical lines over top of it. 
  10. Finish off with Frankenstein hair at the top by drawing upside down triangles repeatedly.
  11. Admire your completed Frankenstein party popper.

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