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Since she was a little girl, public relations major Levi Sebree seemed destined for the chic, high-end lifestyle of the fashion world.

When she was about 5 years old, Levi’s mom, Michie Sebree, caught her cutting up her clothes and gluing the fabric together, so she could make her own outfits. 

“She always liked to pick out what she was wearing, and she always wanted to add bows to her hair,” Michie said. “She’s definitely been made to be in the fashion industry.”

After asking her mom to teach her how to sew at around the same age, it wasn’t long before the ‘Levi Sebree Handbag Collection’ was born. 

Her first one-shot exclusive item on display? A red, black-and-white polka dot purse made with a lot of love and a pair of cheap wax scissors. 

The finished product “didn’t even look like a bag.” Its sides were frayed, the lines were crooked and the handbag’s seams were busted open. 

However, Levi’s parents thought the bag was “amazing,” and have been supportive of her dreams even as they’ve led her all the way to New York City, where she now interns for fashion designer Zac Posen. 

Posen is a well-known fashion icon, appearing on fashion shows such as America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway. 

Levi is in charge of archiving past collections as well as tracking and managing the samples that come in and out of his office. 

These samples are requested by stylists and magazines for wear during celebrity photoshoots and other high-profile events, so it’s Levi’s job to make sure the samples are delivered to and from the right people. 

Levi “absolutely loves” her internship and the opportunity it presents for her to get hands-on experience within the fashion industry. 

Working in the fashion industry has always been non-negotiable for Levi, who sees fashion as a creative outlet. 

“Fashion is a way … that people can express themselves and have fun but with their own personal style, and it adds flavor to your life,” Levi said. 

Self-described a “professional thrifter,” Levi enjoys shopping for deals at The Salvation Army and Goodwill and turning a variety of clothing items into her own brand of fashion. 

While Levi has loved fashion since she was a little girl, the very root of her passion originates from her mom, Michie, who was a model when she was her daughter’s age. 

Michie worked primarily in the Midwest in cities such as Cincinnati and Chicago, but was discouraged from pursuing her dreams in Los Angeles or New York out of fear of living in a bigger city. 

“I had the opportunities back when I was her age, and I was too fearful, and I didn’t have the support to pursue them, and I’ve always kind of regretted that,” Michie said. 

Levi had the same reservations about moving into a big city when she landed her previous internship in New York City for prom dress retailer giant PromGirl. 

However, her mom insisted that she pursue her dreams on the East Coast, and to not “live her life in fear.”

“I pretty much said, ‘You can’t pass it up,’” Michie said. 

After her internship at Zac Posen’s office, Levi hopes to one day work in-house public relations for a fashion designer or editorial. 

However, Levi didn’t rule out the possibility that people might have the opportunity to purchase their very own Levi Sebree-branded handbags in the future. 

“I could start out being someone’s personal assistant, and the next thing I know I’m their personal stylist, and the next thing I know I have my own fashion collection,” Levi said. “You never know where your career is going to take you.”

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