A common goal

Ball State University has student volunteer opportunities, and many students form communities within each organization.

Through volunteering, people can offer their time and energy to help others. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 62.6 million people volunteered from Sept. 2014 to Sept. 2015. Ball State University can help students contribute to this number, offering more than 20 student organizations that provide volunteer opportunities. With so many options available, many students have found a community and culture in their volunteer organizations. 

This culture could be driven by a shared goal. Students who frequently volunteer might feel they have more purpose in life, as a study published by The Journal of Social Psychology found. The study also found that students were more likely to volunteer if they were self-motivated to do so.

Students who volunteer can experience a stronger feeling of purpose. Volunteering can be a way to contribute to society and make people feel as though they’ve done something good for the world. Because of this, volunteering could mean different things to different people.

Ball Bearings sat down with several student volunteers to explore this idea.

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