Tips and tricks to help when packing for summer vacation

<p>Teri Lightning Jr.</p>

Teri Lightning Jr.

Whether driving or flying, packing for a summer vacation in any climate can be daunting without the right mindset. 

It’s not uncommon to find difficulty in choosing what is needed on each adventure, but some are able to adapt with each trip they take and learn techniques anyone can use when packing. 

For any situation, Christina Miller, a senior health education student, said she saves space by underpacking, as well as strategically choosing what shoes to put in her suitcase. Because they are more bulky, she typically opts to wear her tennis shoes while traveling and pack her sandals.  

Amy Harden, associate professor of fashion merchandising, also suggests rolling clothes in stacks of two or three to help prevent wrinkles and save space. 

There are also many other important decisions that need to be made when choosing what to bring, however. 

“You should start with thinking about the number of days you will be gone, but you should not have a different outfit for everyday,” Harden said. “If you will be gone for a week, come up with three base outfits that can be mixed and matched in various ways. This allows for less to be packed for the same number of ‘looks.’”

When it comes to toiletries, Miller said she puts her shampoo and conditioner in travel size bottles, and she knows if she forgets something, she can replace it at her destination. 

On the other hand, Miller said she has to pack a curling iron and her glasses and contacts, no matter how much space they take up. 

While each person has their own preferences and necessities, here are a few tips for anyone struggling to fill their suitcase: 

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