Senior Morgan Nadaline wears her Cardinals pride on her shoulder as she finishes off her golf career in the coming month.

Ball State women’s golf will kick off a four-match run to end the spring season this weekend at Eastern Kentucky University.

The Cardinals will travel to Richmond, Kentucky, on March 30-31 to take on some conference rivals during the EKU Colonel Classic.

Ball State has come off some performances this spring that will fuel them going into four straight weeks of tournament play. After EKU this coming weekend, Ball State will test its skills at the Dolores Black Falcon Invitational on April 7-8. After spending that weekend in Ohio, the Cardinals will travel back to Indiana to take part in the Lady Boilermaker Classic. Ball State will then hope to finish its season on a strong note at the Mid-American Conference Championships.

It has become crunch time for Ball State. The team hopes to keep its scores low and spirits high before spending a lot of time on the road.

“We are hopeful for nice weather. We need to get outside, get as many shots off grass and play as many rounds as we can,” said coach Katherine Mowat.

Some key contributors to the team this spring have been sophomore Manon Tounalom and senior Morgan Nadaline. Tounalom has been a leading figure who has consistently put up low numbers to help Ball State stay competitive.

“She has made some significant improvements in regard to her ball striking,” said Mowat. “She is more motivated than ever because she really saw what she is capable of in the fall.”

Nadaline has also been a leader for the Cardinals as the only senior on the team. She has taken it upon herself to ensure that her team is in good hands under her direction and after she graduates.

“I’m trying to get this team to work and to know what it is like to depend on each other,” said Nadaline. “They are really lucky to have a team that is together for the next couple years and not have to really worry about losing too many people.”

Unfortunately, playing four weekends in a row is quite a challenge and can take a toll on the athletes.

“We are not really used to having to go back-to-back-to-back, especially at the end of the school year. Going into these last four weekends is going to be really tough,” said Nadaline. “We are not going to have much time to practice, but the fact that we have had these past two weeks off to be able to prepare the best we can ... everyone will have to stay at the top of their game.”

Nadaline will be graduating from Ball State with the Class of 2018 this spring, which brings an end to her collegiate golf career. To some, athletics is a great way to have fun and pass the time. To Nadaline, women’s golf has been that and so much more.

“My past four years here have been unbelievable. I have enjoyed every bit of it,” Nadaline said. “It is hard to believe that I only have 27 days left golfing. I’m excited to ... help the legacy of Ball State and women’s golf continue in our underclassmen.”

Nadaline and the Cardinals will try to show that drive throughout the month of April. Ball State will tee off its closing stretch of the spring season this weekend in the EKU Colonel Classic on March 30-31.

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