To celebrate his birthday, a local pub owner is doing good for the community through serving pints.

Stan Stephens, owner of the Heorot in downtown Muncie, will celebrate his birthday at the pub Saturday by serving pint specials and donating proceeds to nonprofits.

Pints will be $1.65 each, corresponding with how it’s “the first time” he’s been 65 years old, Stephens said.

Stan Stephen's 65th birthday celebration

Where: The Heorot Pub, 219 S Walnut St.

When: Saturday, Feb. 10 at 3 p.m.

Cost: $1.65 per pint

Meals on Wheels, one of the nonprofits the celebration will fund, was personally selected by Stephens.

“I know a couple people who drive for Meals on Wheels. It’s just an awfully good program,” Stephens said. “I know with some of the funding cuts and stuff, I know they were struggling a little bit for money.”

Stephens also said he’ll fund Action for Animals, since it is an all-volunteer organization.

As far as donations to the Heorot to hold the celebration, local breweries Wolves's Head, New Corner, The Guardian and Noble Order donated beer.

For beer-drinkers, Stephens recommended Wolves Head Russian Imperial brew.

In an announcement for the celebration, Stephens also said a Bloodmobile will visit the Heorot Sunday.

Stephen’s birthday celebration begins at 3 p.m. Saturday.

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