Ball State students Kennedy Mosley and Talin Ivey’s passion for dance inspired them to bring a new type of club to campus this semester.

Mosley, a sophomore telecommunications major, and Ivey, a freshman nursing major, started the RedPrint Step Team to bring a unique genre of dance to the University and give students a new creative outlet to express themselves. 

Ivey described Step as “a type of dance that is based off rhythmic stomping and clapping.”

While other forms of dance are performed to prerecorded music and follow the beat of a song, there is no music involved in Step. Instead, Mosley said Step dancers make the beat and music with their bodies.

Both Mosley and Ivey have been Step dancing for several years through teams in their home towns and wanted to bring the experience to Ball State. 

“Step is a way for me to not only express myself through a unique dance form, but it’s also a way to make people feel that passion through the music I make with the rhythms created with the moves,” Ivey said. 

While the process of creating the team, which included attending a workshop and creating a constitution, took some time, Mosley said she had no trouble finding the required eight individuals interested in joining the club. In fact, Mosley was able to find 28 students. 

Tryouts were held to determine who would be on the team, but Mosely said anyone is eligible to audition, regardless of their past experience. 

Now that team members for this semester have been selected, the group practices on Sundays and Thursdays for two to three hours in the Student Recreation Center. 

The group is preparing the perform at shows around campus, but they also plan to host their own showcases and partner with other organizations at Ball State.

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