A recipe for connection

By sharing traditional Jordan meals, Neda Schuck has created a community.

Floor-to-ceiling windows span two adjacent walls in Neda Schuck’s Muncie home. Bright sunshine illuminates the spread of food on her table. A pasta salad, made of rotini noodles mixed in with homegrown tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese cubes, sits in a bright blue bowl. On a glass, footed dessert dish, spongy shortcakes are filled with a creamy lemon curd and topped with ripe, red strawberries. Neda’s headscarf, adorned with glittery silver and gold swirls, slightly sparkles as she bends down to sneak her 6-year-old basset hound, Tank, a bite of cheese from the salad.

The large glass windows are one of Neda’s favorite things about her home.

“On the cold winter days we have here in Indiana,” Neda says, “I love to feel the warmth from the sunshine because it reminds me of the warm weather we would have in Jordan.”

Neda was born in the United States and raised in Jordan, located in Southwest Asia. After moving to the U.S. for school as a young adult, she decided to stay. Neda still keeps her Jordanian roots in her daily life—including in the food she cooks.

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