10 signs you're an exercise science major

Pixabay, Photo Courtesy
Pixabay, Photo Courtesy

From studying the human body to learning new exercises and teaching them to others, exercise science majors share various distinctive characteristics and an underlying passion for improving peoples’ lives through exercise.  Here are a few signs that show you are definitely an exercise science major. 

You know you’re an exercise science major if ...

1. “You are always wearing workout gear.” — Sarah Phillips, junior.

In class you are constantly moving, learning and teaching new exercises, so you may not include tight jeans or thick sweaters as part of your daily attire.

2. “You are passionate about not only exercise, but also teaching and helping people improve their lives.” — Phillips.

It’s one thing if you know how to workout, but it’s even more important to effectively train and inspire others with the knowledge you have.

3. “You don’t view exercise as a way to a more attractive body, but to a better, longer and more fulfilling life.” — Phillips.

You are learning how proper exercise can help you in many ways now and in the future. 

4. "You view everyone as anatomically different." — Jana  Swanson, junior.

You understand each individual has their own strengths, weaknesses and limits, which you must consider when training them. 

5. “You despise VO2 max testing.” — Swanson.

While many people outside of your major may not know about this test, which measures the amount of oxygen you can use during an intense exercise, you dread the day you’ll have to push through this physically exhausting test.

6. “You silently cringe at some people walking down McKinley.” — Michelle Ellis, senior.

You notice when people have bad form at the gym and even when they are walking. Whether it’s their inverted feet or walking on the balls of their feet, sometimes you have to keep yourself from correcting them. 

7. “You refuse to wear flip-flops if you’ll be walking a lot.” — Ellis.

You understand how essential proper footwear is and know that flip-flops provide zero arch support. 

8. “You find someone more attractive if they have good posture.” — Ellis.

When you immerse yourself in your major, what you learn can have an effect on other aspects of your life as well. 

9. “You have your own locker in the [Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center].” — Lauren Siler, senior.

You already spend almost all of your time in the Rec center, so it makes sense to have a place to keep all your belongings. 

10. "Finding an extra snack in your bag is more exciting than finding cash.” — Mitch Prather, Grad (graduated in Spring).

When you're always on the go, finding a snack for energy is a big deal. 

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