Editor's note: A previous version of this article listed incorrect dates for the 2018 Tools for School giveaway. The giveaway will be held in late July, but a specific date for the event has not been decided. 

While volunteering at an event, Carlie Boggs, a junior at Wapahani High School, met a child who filled her heart with compassion and gave her an idea.

Tools for School is a charity event hosted by the nonprofit organization Hearts & Hands United that donates shoes, school supplies and — because of Boggs — socks to children in need. 

To donate or sell bracelets, contact Stormie Boggs at stormieboggs@gmail.com

Boggs was giving out shoes when it was brought to her attention that the children she was helping needed more.

“When I saw this boy’s eyes light up at one pair of shoes he wanted, I had to help him try them on,” Boggs said. “I gave him the pantyhose socks we had at the event to try the shoes on with, and when he asked me if he could keep them, I knew then there was a need not only for shoes, but socks too.”

Boggs began volunteering for Tools for School in 2016, the same year she decided socks should be added to the list of items given out at the event. 

She went to her mother, Stormie Boggs, who helped her spread the word, on social media,  that they were collecting sock donations throughout the community.

“My mom posted on her Facebook and we had a great turnout,” Carlie said. “I couldn’t believe how many people wanted to help out.”

Donations from as far as Pennsylvania and Texas were sent to the Boggses, and they collected almost 2,000 pairs of socks. Because of the amount of donations, volunteers gave out two to three pairs of socks per child this year.

At the end of July, Tools for School will be held at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. A book bag filled with school supplies, a new pair of shoes and socks will be given to each child from kindergarten through 12th grade.  

This year, Carlie hopes to collect 4,000 pairs of socks. To help her reach that goal, Carlie will accept monetary and sock donations.

Carlie is currently selling bracelets for $2 to help raise money to purchase socks. 

The socks Carlie purchases, along with however many other pairs of socks she collects, will be donated to Tools for School in 2018. 

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