The 2017 Homecoming Court was announced Tuesday night after the Talent Search competition.

Contestants were chosen to represent their organizations and then voted on by the Ball State population to make up the top ten king and queen candidates.

From there, the candidates had a royalty interview dinner where 15 alumni interviewed the candidates and chose the king and queen as well as the court. 

The court will represent the university at all homecoming events throughout the week. The 2017 court is: 


Kathy Berryhill, Residence Hall Association

Kathy Berryhill, a junior construction management major, wants to focus on the community as Homecoming queen.

"I have a really big focus on community this year," Berryhill said. "Homecoming, the time that makes Ball State most like a community, and my love of community would just blend really well."

Being on Homecoming Court is a brand new experience for Berryhill.

"This isn't really something I did in high school, so it's neat to do it now and see what this experience is like."


Jacob Germann, National Residence Hall Honorary

Jacob Germann, a senior interpersonal communication major and Spanish minor, wanted to be Homecoming King to meet alumni and to interact with new people.

"My hobby is interacting with people, learning people, learning their stories," Germann said. "Being Homecoming king, I will be able to interact with people in a whole new way and meet people I've never met before."

Germann also believes Homecoming king means he will have made an impact on the school.

"Not only have my peers seen me, recognized me and want me to succeed, but also the professional staff interviewing me means they see something in me and want me to have the best experience at Ball State,” Germann said.

Female Court members: 

Morgan Polizzi, Ball State University Dance Marathon

Morgan Polizzi, a senior public relations major, wants to represent both BSUDM and the campus as a member of the court.

She said that receiving the title of queen, or court, would be the cherry on top of her Ball State experience.

“As I get ready to graduate in May, it will be cool to look back on and tell my kids about,” Polizzi said. “When I come back to Ball State for years to come, it will definitely be something I cherish.” 

Kaitlyn Ewing, Alpha Phi Sorority

Kaitlyn Ewing, a senior hospitality and food management major, wants to use the platform of Homecoming court to make sure every student feels included at Ball State.

"For me, it's about spreading the love at Ball State," Ewing said. "I want to let people feel a part of this community."

Ewing said she would feel humbled if she received Homecoming queen or court.

"I always look up to the people who get it. So, if I were to get it, it would be an honor and something I can be proud of looking back at my time at Ball State."

Morgan Clark, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

Morgan Clark, a senior psychology and criminal justice major, feels she could be a great role model for everyone on campus.

"I feel like I am what a true Cardinal is," Clark said. "I give back to my community. I give back to those in school. I just want to make a difference on this campus before I graduate."

Clark said she broke out of her comfort zone by running for queen.

"I've never been the type to try out for Homecoming queen or do pageants,” Clark said. “This is just breaking another barrier for me."

Brittany Mayfield, Education in Action

Brittany Mayfield, a junior elementary education major, wants to use the title to represent education for the community and university.

"I don't think teachers get enough pride and honest opinions," Mayfield said. "Since next year is our centennial for the Teacher's College, I'll be really stoked about representing the education community.”

Male Court members:

Hunter Okey, University Singers

Hunter Okey, a junior interpersonal communications major, wants to represent both his university and his organization.

"I love Ball State," Okey said. "I want to represent the organization that I love at the place I love, so tying that all together would be great."

Okey also said that being on the court, especially as king, would be special.

"I love everything Ball State stands for, so I want to represent that well and with pride because that would mean a lot to me."

Jalen Lee, University Program Board

Jalen Lee, a sophomore criminal justice and criminology major, believes he could be a good face of Ball State because of his youth.

"I have many years left, Lee said. "I feel as though I would be a great face to promote Ball State and I could represent that very well."

Lee also said he would do whatever he could to help the university as a member of the court.

"I love Ball State so much, so whatever I can do for Ball State I will do it."

Trent Sauceda, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

Trent Sauceda, a senior telecommunications major with a concentration in digital video production, wants to give back to his organization and his university as a member of the court.

"Both have given so much to me and built me up and made me what I am today," Sauceda said. "I just want to give as much recognition as I can to my fraternity and represent my alma mater in a positive light."

Sauceda gives credit to his peers for helping him get to the position he is in today.

Avery Haynes, Black Student Association

Avery Haynes, a junior business information systems major, wants to bring a good face to Ball State as a member of the court.

"I feel like I can represent the people well for the inclusion and mental preparation, and as a socialite to Ball State's campus," Haynes said.

Haynes believes that being on the court will help propel him to greater positions later.

"It will definitely add to my confidence and make me really want to go for bigger positions and bigger things in life."

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