Open Door Farmer's Market aims to fill food desert in downtown Muncie

Brittany Karlin, News 397
Brittany Karlin, News 397

Fresh corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans. People in Muncie can find those and more at two farmers markets in town.  Many people already know about the Saturday markets at Minnetrista. But there is another one. Open Door Health Services is having the Open Door farmer's market for the second year. 

Adrienne Knight started this market to allow for the community to have healthy food available. 

“This being a food desert downton, we thought a farmers market where people would have access to fresh fruits and vegetables would be good for our community,” Knight said.

This market  allows for people to pay using a supplemental nutrition assistance program, known as SNAP. 

Snap is a basic food stamp program that can be used by the vendors at the market. 

Sea Salt and Cinnamon is a vegan bakery.  It is one of the vendors at the market every Wednesday. 

“We think it's important to provide fresh healthier options food to this area and community in downtown muncie,” said Kyle Reninger, co-owner of Sea Salt and Cinnamon. 

The difference between the Open Door market and the one at Minnetrista is that this market is the only one held during the week and in downtown Muncie. 

The Open Door Farmer's Market is open around lunchtime Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The market will run until mid-to-late October. It is located in the east parking lot of 333 S Madison St in downtown Muncie.


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