During the first preseason meeting of the season for women's volleyball, senior Jessica Linsdey she was going to be a guest on The Net Live, a weekly volleyball podcast, with head coach Kelli Miller.

But Lindsey had no idea what was going to happen next.

As podcast host Kevin Barnett spoke, introducing Lindsey as a walk-on, Miller interrupted him.

"Wait a second Kevin, we have kind of a surprise for that, for Jess," Miller said. "As of today, Jess is on a full-ride scholarship she is no longer a walk-on."

Lost for words, Lindsey hugged Miller, wiping tears away from her eyes.

"She has earned every bit of that," Miller said. "Just like she said, she is such a team player. She sacrifices herself for the betterment of the program and that's what it's about. She's earned this opportunity and I'm just really proud to be able to provide her with that."

Lindsey, who missed the 2016 season because of an injury, has played in 48 of the possible 62 matches in her collegiate career. 

When Barnett asked her what's different, Lindsey said this:

"Not much is really different, but just that little piece, it's being nice to have that last season paid for," Lindsey said. "But that really doesn't change how I feel going into the season or anything. I'm just still really pumped, really excited." 

Lindsey later called her parents Stuart and Judith Lindsey to share the news. The two shared her excitement, echoing Miller's statement of how much she deserves and has earned the scholarship.

Watch the full video posted on Ball State sport's Twitter below: