Memories remain as demolition begins

Nostalgia goes through Ball State students as one of LaFollette’s buildings is going to be torn down this summer.

Woody/Shales, or more popularly known as Shwoody, is turning 50 this year. Coincidentally, it’s the same year Ball State wants to have the dorms demolished.

Woody/Shales, part of the LaFollette Complex, has already closed floors five through eight, but the bottom four floors are still open to students.

Woody/Shales has already started to take out furniture and shelves on the empty floors.

Some students had to be moved out of their Shwoody dorms to make room for the construction.

Kristin Hylton, a freshman history major, had to move out after Christmas break.

"They really didn’t give us any warning, " she said. " I had to move out and move myself to Knotts Edwards, which is nice, so I'm not complaining," Hylton said.

A lot of history has come to the forefront as workers have been removing the furniture.

Housing director, Matt Hageny, said he has found many mementos from over the years.

"I found this trophy from a sock hop dance from the 80s and some relay race trophies," he said.

Students and former students will always remember LaFollette for all of the little quirks it has.

Gail Warner, a former resident of LaFollette, said she thinks there's one thing about LaFollette that brings back memories.

"It's funny because you walk in and you smell decades of good times and fried food," Warner said. “It brings me back to meals in the Buff."

Although Woody/Shales brings back great memories for some people, some new freshmen think that its demolition could benefit the Ball State community.

Freshman Krystal Anderson says that she thinks some of the furniture is out of date.

"The rooms were nice and spacious, but the furniture looks like it needs to thrown out," Anderson said.

According to Hageny, the demolition will make room for new construction. They are unsure of what the construction will be yet.

For more information about the construction, visit the website.


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