Campus Council says dead week resolution needs further research


Faculty at Thursday’s Campus Council meeting requested the Student Government Association research its dead week resolution more in-depth.

The resolution, which passed unanimously in SGA senate April 5, proposed that no major assignments be assigned the week before Finals Week.

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Some faculty of the council expressed the same disdain for end-of-semester stress that student council members did, but asked SGA to make the resolution more robust.

“Where’s the data that says this is a good thing?” one council member said.

James Wells, the current SGA president, recognized the resolution is currently “very rough” and encouraged feedback from Campus Council.

Other council members said the name of dead week is misleading because other Indiana public universities have similarly named policies prohibiting classes the week before finals.

That said, council members agreed not allowing major assignments instead of class altogether is more feasible to be enacted.

This is due in part to accreditation policies requiring a certain number of instruction hours by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Nancy Cronk registrar and council member said.

Bailey Loughlin, vice chairperson of Campus Council and SGA president pro-tempore, clarified the struggle of not receiving grades from assignments due the week before final exams, then being required to take the exams without important feedback.

Faculty directed SGA to research specific areas, like examples of unneeded stress caused by assignments the week preceding finals, what other public Indiana universities and other schools in the MAC do and how a dead week would work with the academic calendar, before returning with the resolution.

Although the resolution will not be passed through university governance before the end of this academic year, it will remain on the radar for SGA to further research and eventually return to Campus Council with a revised version.


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