A Typical Indiana Spring Day


Muncie, IN (NewsLink Indiana) -


Good afternoon everyone! It's been a beautiful morning, but clouds will move in this afternoon and this evening, keeping the high temperature below the 60 degree mark today. It's still a nice spring day - but that will change overnight, and we'll have a flashback of winter temperatures tomorrow.


Skies will clear around the 10PM time frame, and in combination with a cold front moving in from the north, it will allow temperatures to drop like a rock - to a lof of 25 degrees tonight. Temperatures will continue to drop in the early morning hours tomorrow, so make sure to grab a coat on the way to work or class!


With skies being clear, we'll have plenty of brilliant sunshine tomorrow, but it will not feel like a spring day, with temperatures struggling to hit the 30 degree mark by noon. We'll hit a high of 39 tomorrow afternoon around 4:30PM, but the temperatures will again drop tomorrow night to a chilly low of 29 degrees before rising steadily from the early morning hours on Thursday throughout the day.

7-Day Forecast:

The cooldown tomorrow will make way for another warm-up to end the week - we'll have a brief taste of summer on Friday, with a high of 68 degrees. This, however, will allow rain showers to form on Saturday and Sunday, bringing us rain-cooled air, but another warm-up will occur on Monday, when we'll have Cloudy skies. I'm not sure about you, but I'm looking forward to a nice start to the work week next week.

Rain showers have dominated this Monday throughout much of northern Indiana. Thankfully, these showers will have cleared by midnight tonight, setting us up for a clear week. Tuesday will bring partly cloudy with a high of 56 degrees. The overnight low heading into Wednesday, however; will drop drastically. Expect an overnight low of only 27 degrees. Wednesday will be cold, despite clear skies with a high of 38. Friday will be a nice treat to end off the work week, with a high of 65 degrees.

- NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecaster Adam Grimes

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