Student-run restaurant specializes in fine dining

Cooked duck, lamb and steak aren’t too hard to find on Ball State’s campus–if you know where to look. Allegre, Ball State’s student-run restaurant, makes unique meals using these type of meats every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Applied Technology building.

The students who run the restaurant are mostly Hospitality Food Management majors. This major includes event planning, food and beverage management and hotel management.

Bracken Petroviac, a hospitality and food management major, said even though the restaurant is actually part of a class, he has enjoyed the experience working there.

“I’ve had the opportunity to cook in this class with stuff that you don’t find at Wal-Mart or Meijer,” Petroviac said.

Students in the restaurant cook everything from seafood to steak. According to Chef Clemens Averbeck, the instructor of the Allegre class, students pick the themes every week. There could be themes from movies such as Titanic, or destinations, like the Caribbean.

Averbeck encourages cooking and trying foods that most students likely never consider.

“Most of the food the students have been exposed to have been from commercial run restaurants, so it takes some effort for them to open up their minds and come up with creative ideas,” Averbeck said.

Meals are $15 for the public and Ball State students get 15 percent off. Reservations for the restaurant can be made at 765-285-5924.


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