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Rory Jackson

Welcome to 2017 everyone, where "affordable" means the suffering of millions and "wiretapping" means "broadly, surveillance and other activities." Thank you Sean Spicer for your words of enlightenment. The next time I see someone cheating in a class I'll tell them to stop "wiretapping."

These new accusations by Trump only add to the confusion and mystery behind the man. From his "beautiful Trump wall," to his immaculate health care bill (no, the Affordable Care Act is not Trump's doing), to his hotel in Azerbaijan disappearing and furthermore the money laundering at Deutsche Bank, all of these questionable issues have to bring the question as to who exactly is Donald Trump? 

In his recent attack on former President Obama, he tweeted, "How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!" Ironically, Trump's ideals are more closely related to Nixon than Obama. 

His comfort with Russia and President Putin is almost suicidal and his firing of New York prosecutor Preet Bharara makes him look just a bit suspicious of hiding something. It's hard to believe anything Trump says these days; his unresponsive answers to pertinent questions about his policies make him look like a child rambling about nonsense after their parents caught them stealing a cookie from the cookie jar.

He creates these farces to keep the real heat off of him. OK, yes, if the Justice Department finds solid evidence of "wiretapping" then, yay! One point for Trump! But come on, we should have no reason to believe any accusations or claims that Trump makes about others. This is the same man who questioned and demanded to see Obama's birth certificate and yet wouldn't release his own tax returns.

Yes, there is a lot of Trump hate news out there and most of it is from liberals, and I can imagine most conservatives are tired of hearing this, but Trump isn't really helping his case here. Banning news stations like CNN or The New York Times from your press conferences is going to bring you a lot of heat.

And to say Obama never had to deal with public scrutiny is a ridiculous accusation, just take a look back when he introduced Obamacare. The job of news stations is to report news so the general public can understand what is going on. Hell, news stations took a huge part in Trump's election in the first place with how much coverage they were giving him. 

Yes, the news can get redundant and one-sided, but look at what happens when we turn the other way or we stop asking the difficult questions; we elect people like Trump who are not qualified to be president; businessmen or women who talk about radical change to get people's attention for popularity. 

Issues like Russia or the "Wall" should not be brushed aside but harked on over-and-over again to get people's attention to see what is really going on. The lack of the public's involvement and understanding in these issues is why rumors tend to become facts. 

If anything, we should be looking at the president more carefully than anyone else, because he does have the most power and say in what happens in this country. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

Plus, Trump didn't make a bracket this year. Shame on you mister. Villanova over UNC in Round 2. UCLA would suffice as well. Ultimate matchup would be Marquette vs Rhode Island. As long as Kentucky loses I'll be content.