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The only thing Milo Yiannopoulos and I can agree on is liking men. After that, not much else. Milo has disgusting beliefs, and now it seems conservatives are finally realizing that.

The sad excuse for a human being has said everything from “being Muslim is a lifestyle choice” to “rape culture is a fantasy.” He even called the notion of consent “oppressive” and feminism “cancer.”

In fact, there does not seem to be a minority that Milo does not have something to say about.

Many conservatives who do or have supported him have pointed out that he is gay and using humor to make a point. Because he’s gay, it proves that liberals are wrong.

This is absurd.

Milo has also attacked the Trans community, saying transgender people are “mentally ill,” and has said that “gay rights have made us dumber.”

Dominic Bordenaro

I’m gay, and I will say this man does not represent my community. He does not represent the values of LGBT+ people. Honestly, he does not represent who we are as human beings, or at least how we should be.

I’ll admit, I’ve struggled with how to respond to this man. Up until this point, with the recent revelations that he condoned pedophilia, I always argued we should let the man speak. I am for the right to peacefully protest just as much as I am for the right to free speech. I always said we should debate him and show him, and others like him, that they are wrong. This way of thinking is wrong.

However, I’ve changed my mind.

There’s a problem with this kind of hate speech. There is no rational debate. There will not be any convincing or proving wrong. People like Milo let rational thinking fly right over their heads. You cannot debate him; therefore, we should not give him the platforms and the media he wants to spew his hatred.

He says things that are not opinions, they are simply falsehoods.

Giving him a platform gives him a stronger voice, a voice of lies.

I may not be a conservative, but I respect anyone who is involved and cares deeply about their beliefs.

This is so different. Milo and the “alt-right” are really attacking human beings just because.

He may be gay, but he is not a part of my community. He is barely even human. He has no compassion or love for any human being, and that’s an issue. That’s an issue because as we continue to let him speak, as we continue to normalize his hate, more people join his way of thinking. More people see it as normal. This is not normal.

So, a note to my fellow minorities. Whether you are gay, bi, black, Asian, trans, a woman or anything in between, we must fight for each other. The only way we will gain equality for our groups is if we all work together, if we all fight for each other. Love is the difference between us and Milo.

To all people everywhere, do not let him define us. Do not normalize his hate. Love one another.