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I came across the Women’s Week schedule a month ago and saw that Ball State Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council and other student organizations were co-sponsoring events. I decided to reach out and contact them about adding some of our events to their weekly schedule. I called the Women’s and Gender Studies office and was told to email Dr. Lisa Pellerin, director of women’s and gender studies.

I emailed her on Wednesday, Feb. 22 about the specifics of our events. Our events included a Pregnant and Parenting Support Group, “Empowering Women: Student Parent Testimonies" and a film screening of “Hush.”

On Wednesday, the Pregnant and Parenting Support Group event allowed student parents to tell their stories and empower other students who may experience an unplanned pregnancy. Our second event will be held on Thursday. This event will be a film screening, which offers a liberating conversation about abortion and women’s health. It doesn’t have a bias on abortion, but instead presents scientific information about the links between abortion and women’s health. The director of the film identifies as pro-choice, but recognizes that the link between abortion and women’s health needs to be addressed.

Both of these events were created to inform and celebrate Women’s Week with our fellow students. Unfortunately, our attempt to be an official co-sponsor of Women’s Week was ignored. Since the women’s and gender studies office is an official department of Ball State University, we felt they should have been more inclusive to us as an official student organization. We hope that in the future Women’s Week can be more inclusive and collaborative in celebrating women.

Ball State Students for Life strives to educate and support our peers to empower them. We hoped that these events had a positive impact on our community. Ball State Students for Life will continue to educate our peers although this subject is controversial. We believe in giving a voice to those whom feel marginalized, especially pregnant and parenting students. For more information contact: studentsforlifeballstate@gmail.com


Nora Hopf

President, Ball State Students for Life