Warm temperatures accompanied by rain!


Today: Temperatures will reach 70 degrees this afternoon with clouds increasing as the day goes on. It will be very windy this afternoon with gusts as high as 30 mph.

Tonight: We will drop down to 58 degrees tonight under mostly cloudy skies and the winds will calm as the night progresses. 

This Weekend: Thunderstorms are in the forecast for later in the day on Saturday and some rain will continue through Sunday. 

7-Day Forecast: 

Rain is in the forecast through the weekend and well into next week. Rain and cloudy skies will be overhead for much for of the 7 Day forecast. Temperatures will touch 70 on Friday and then cool down to the mid to low 60's throughout the rest of the week. Although a large amount of rain chances do exists, we are not expecting a large scale washout for any of these days, so maybe bring a raincoat or umbrella with you as you head out this weekend. 

NewsLink Indiana Weather Forecast - Joe Strus 


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