UPD explains reasoning behind 'shelter in place'

It's been one week since university police put a shelter on Ball State University's campus. The announcement, which was sent via the university's emergency alert system, caused some to wonder: What is a shelter in place?

Jahma Gray, office manage to deans in the College of Communication, Information and Media, said she had never heard the term shelter in place before and thought it was just a test. 

"So I just kept working and as it turns out the guy was right out here in our lobby and could have stormed the gates," said Gray. 

Chief of Police, James Duckham said the shelter in place was sent out to keep people safe. "It gives us the opportunity to resolve the incident quickly without having people in the mix of the incident," explained Duckham. 

After about 20 minutes the all clear was sent out. Gray and her office will now set aside time to do formal training for incidents like this. Chief Duckham and the university are brainstorming ideas to make sure the people of Ball State are more prepared should something like this happen again.


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