IGNITE and OPTiC: Letters to Ball State

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Debate: Town Hall, 9 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 23, L.A. Pittenger Student Center Cardinal Halls A, B, C

Voting: Opens 8 a.m. Feb. 27, closes 5 p.m. Feb. 28

Every year, the Daily News has given both slates running for the Student Government Association executive board the opportunity to write to members of the Ball State community, sharing why they should vote for them.

This year, both IGNITE and OPTiC took that opportunity. Read their letters here.


"Ball State University is full of diverse students with a magnitude of interests and ambitions. Our demographic ranges from athletes, activists, international exchanges, culturally curious, academic oriented, artists, and greek life. As students move through defining themselves in college, they should not have to worry about moving through the university alone. There is a small flame that burns in each student at our university. Students have a right to express their wants and concerns, for others to see their passions, and for Ball State to fuel their fire in their college years."

Read IGNITE's letter here.


"As the 2017 SGA elections continue throughout this week, Our Slate OPTiC has been given the opportunity to write a letter to the student body. We hope that this letter will show you that the members of OPTiC are students just like you and if elected, we would remember that our job is to be the voice of the student body and as such are called to listen to each and every student in order to truly understand the concerns and hopes of our community."

Read OPTiC's letter here.

Editor's note: The letters were written by the slates running for the Student Government Association 2017-18 executive board. The letters were not edited by the Daily News.


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