Editor's note: The following letter was written by a slate running for the Student Government Association 2017-18 executive board. The letter was not edited by the Daily News.

Ball State University is full of diverse students with a magnitude of interests and ambitions. Our demographic ranges from athletes, activists, international exchanges, culturally curious, academic oriented, artists, and greek life. As students move through defining themselves in college, they should not have to worry about moving through the university alone. There is a small flame that burns in each student at our university. Students have a right to express their wants and concerns, for others to see their passions, and for Ball State to fuel their fire in their college years.

The best way to create what students need from Ball State is to work from their ambitions and interests, thus we decided to adopt the name of “IGNITE.” Our slate strives to ignite the passion in students, becoming a catalyst for others to educate, connect, and illuminate the experience. Our executive board has different reasons to run, but our cause is the same- we want students to have impeccable experiences, resources, and learning at Ball State University. We have the determination of working with students to create a university that is truly for student interests.

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IGNITE strives for Inclusion, Growth, Navigate, Invest, Transparency, and Engagement with our students. We will move with the students to ensure that we are working as their catalyst for Ball State. IGNITE recognizes that students have their own focuses and hard work that comes with their passions. We aim to address what students need to move forward to create an environment where they can develop themselves without fear or confusion. We want all students, in all involvements, to have clear, easy access to their university and Student Government Association. We want students to understand and have access to what SGA can provide them for their passions.

The IGNITE slate is comprised of Gabrielle Lloyd (President), Zoe Taylor (Vice President), Caleb Conley (Secretary) and Theodore Hoffman (Treasurer). Our slate’s executive board is derived from various backgrounds- from athletics, to Student Government Association, Greek Life, diversity focus groups, housing and residence life, activist groups, small organizations, and international student connections. We all balance our passions with work and academics, we understand the need for assistance and the need for clarity of how Ball State can help develop our interests.

Ignite seek to illuminate the state by creating a culture of inclusion, diversity, and acceptance. Student Government Association is a tool and an advocate for our students. We aim to connect with all students whether that be in person, online or through councils. Ignite plan to implement and drive forward student concerns and to build on successful programs. We understand the need for strong and compassionate leadership. Our student body does amazing work. They deserve to have someone to pave the way for their excellence. Ignite strive to connect and to be clear of who we are and what we are doing. We see the passion within our student body, we want to carry the flame through our university.

Let us illuminate Ball State together.