Spending long nights in the studio mixing music and perfecting recordings is one of the major things music media production majors do. Here are a few more, as told by the students themselves. 

You know you're a music media production major when...

1. You aren't obsessed with the classics 

“MMP students spend less time in the practice room and more time in the studio. We don't really focus on music history, theory, aural skills or choir as much as other students that are in performance or education." — Stuart Elmore, junior.

2. You record real artists, not their best friends

“One question that I get a lot is, ‘Oh so you like, go to school to make beats?’ ‘Can you record my friend's band?’”  — Alex Rodriguez, senior.

3. You're in the studio 24/7

“Sometimes I think others think we just hide in our closed-off studio section of the Music Instruction building, but the sad part is that it's kind of true. Lots of us spend late nights either recording or mixing for a project we have due the next day, which generally takes us hours of work to do one thing.”  — Elmore.

4. You spend more time on production than classroom work

“My piece of paper that I receive upon graduation doesn't really mean anything. What matters is what I learned, my ability to continue to teach myself things and the connections I made with others in the industry.” — Mike Tabor, graduate student.

5. You have an impressive beard

“Facial hair seems to be a popular trend with my male peers. Most of us are sporting big beards or mustaches.” —Rodriguez.

6. Hitting "record" is only a small part of your job

“People think I focus mainly on recording. In reality, I have specifically focused my expertise in audio electronics and the more technical side of the industry.” — Tabor.