Elegant ballroom styles, playful tango, lively swing dancing — these are just a few of the dances you can learn if you become a part of Cornerstone Center for the Arts' Monthly Dance Club.

The Monthly Dance Club allows community members to meet up one Saturday evening a month to have fun with friends, or even create new friendships, while also improving their dance skills. The idea for the club was first brought up by one of Cornerstone’s own, David Fennig.

Fennig has taught various dance classes at Cornerstone for the past three years. He also owns his own dance studio in Portland, Indiana. 

Spring 2017 Monthly Dance Club dates: 

Feb. 4

April 1

The idea for the dance club came to Fennig after he realized he wanted a place where his students, as well as other community members, could come together and enjoy a fun evening of dancing.

Members of the club learn various styles of dances, including ballroom, tango, swing, salsa, rumba and the hustle. 

In a typical evening of the Monthly Dance Club, Fennig will spend the first hour providing instruction to dancers and teaching them a particular type of dance; after that, he plays a variety of music that corresponds to different dance styles.

Dancers are encouraged to get on the floor, dance to the rhythm and have fun. Fennig’s only request is that throughout the evening, dancers switch up partners so that they can meet their fellow dancers and possibly even make new friends.

 “This community is so warm and welcoming, [and] I want everyone to get a chance to meet each other,” he said.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a superb dancer, everyone is welcome to join the club. In fact, the styles of dance that are taught in the club are chosen partially because they are beginner-friendly.

“[The club] is a fun way to introduce a new group of people to dance or to offer a place for experienced dancers to enjoy their Saturday evening,” said Jessie Fisher, Cornerstone’s Education and Marketing Coordinator.

“I would encourage people to join the club if they are looking for a place to have a lot of fun and meet some great people,” Fennig said. “While we are obviously focused on teaching dance, the biggest thing for me and the other members of my support team is community building.”

Although there is a fee to take part, the money raised from the club will benefit Cornerstone’s various art programs, as well as its scholarship fund.

The admission price for each event is $8 for students and children ages 10 and up, and $12 for adults. There is no need to register beforehand for the event as participants can simply show up at Cornerstone that evening.