6-time Grammy nominated group, The Four Freshmen to perform on campus

<p>The Four Freshmen, a male vocal band quartet, will perform in Pruis Hall Jan. 19. The band has recorded over 75 albums with 70 top-selling singles and holds&nbsp;6 Grammy nominations. <em>Four Freshman Ball State Calendar // Photo Courtesy</em></p>

The Four Freshmen, a male vocal band quartet, will perform in Pruis Hall Jan. 19. The band has recorded over 75 albums with 70 top-selling singles and holds 6 Grammy nominations. Four Freshman Ball State Calendar // Photo Courtesy

Entertaining audiences world wide with their unique sound, The Four Freshmen -- a male vocal band quartet -- has been an acclaimed group for 65 years.

The group will be performing at Pruis Hall 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 19.

The Four Freshmen has recorded over 75 albums, has had 70 top-selling singles, and has received 6 Grammy nominations.

Drawing inspiration from musicians such as The Beach Boys, Frankie Valli, The Mamas & The Papas, and other similar music acts, the group brings a sound that can appeal to everyone.

Kristi Chambers, the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications for Emens said the group is one that can appeal to a range of age groups -- students, faculty and staff, and community members alike.

“Performing songs that bridge generations, The Four Freshmen showcase four amazing musical talents that will inspire Ball State students and have them swaying to these time-honored tunes,” Chambers said.

Who are the Four Freshmen?

The members of The Four Freshmen include:

Bob Ferreira, who has been a part of the group since 1992. Ferreira sings the bass vocal part and plays the drums.

Johnathan Gaines joined the Freshmen in 2017. He sings the 3rd part and plays the trumpet.

Stein Malvey who joined the Freshmen in 2013 and sings the 2nd part and plays the guitar.

Tommy Boynton who joined in 2015, sings the lead vocals and plays bass.

With their skills and experience, these jazz talents preserve the group's timeless sound throughout the years as well as provide a youthful and modern twist to their music.

Performing tributes to classics such as “Route 66”, and “Graduation Day”, as well as performing some of their own original work, adding a variety of sound and rhythm that everyone can enjoy.

"I love that I get to play timeless classics," Ferreira said. 

He said that the chance to perform those songs is his favorite part of performing with the group, while leaving the audience pleasantly surprised when they hear these classics once again.

After 65 years, not only has the groups music continued to entertain audiences but the group also has a musical influence not just on the stage but off it as well. Getting out into the community and schools, the group educates students and provides workshops in categories such as vocal group singing, rehearsal techniques, as well as encouraging creativeness, communication, and interactive listening.


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