LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: New design, same commitment


Notice anything different?

Your Daily News, a product of Ball State students for more than 90 years, has a fresh new look this week.

The changes include a new nameplate featuring the full name of the paper rather than our DN nickname, and numerous design improvements to make the newspaper easier to read, navigate and spend time with.

One thing hasn’t changed, and that’s our commitment to this campus and our fellow students.

But first, about that redesign: It’s been several years since we last changed the look of the paper, and this reboot is the result of a year-long discussion.

Ashley Downing, a senior journalism graphics major, led the development of this clean, modern look with the guidance of instructor Ryan Sparrow and the advice of our editors and staff.

As the incoming editor-in-chief, I had a hand in some of those decisions. I’m glad to tell you that driving every discussion was the desire to update the paper and make it more useful.

We know the printed newspaper occupies a unique space for millennials. College students are busy with mobile devices, super-connected with the world 24/7.

Though we’re part of that digital world — we’ve won national honors for our online journalism — we think the printed paper offers you something important.

Size, for one. When you open the newspaper you’re scanning a field of view many times the size of a small smartphone screen. When we tell a story with photos, graphics and compelling text, it’s a big-screen view that makes the pictures pop, the headlines shout.

It’s a bigger stage for presenting the news, and this redesign makes it stand out even more and allows more flexibility for the fresh, design-rich content we’re striving to present.

The new look comes with a renewed commitment, too. We’re doubling down on our mission to tell the daily story of life at Ball State and advocate for the students.

You might remember some of our recent coverage — stories about the university’s budget, the search for a new president, the efforts to make this a safe and welcoming campus.

Your fellow students wrote those stories, took the pictures, designed the graphics, laid out the pages, sold the ads and built a strong website, as well, with video and other multimedia at bsudailynews.com.

If that sounds interesting — if you’re the kind of person who wants to make a daily difference as a designer, writer or photographer, or craves the thrill of creating powerful multimedia, maybe you belong here. Come see us in the Unified Media Lab, Room 278 of the Art & Journalism Building, or write to me at editor@bsudailynews.com.

In the meantime, thanks for picking up the paper and giving us a look. And while it’s a new look, it comes with the same mission: helping you keep up with what’s going on, making sure somebody’s always there to ask the questions that you need asked.

That’s our commitment to you. We appreciate your support, and we hope you’ll let us hear from you.

When we get it right, or when we miss the mark, we want to know what you think.




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