MILLING IT OVER: Six must-have accessories for fall

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Miller Kern

With changing seasons come changing trends. Colder weather calls for new accessories that offer both style and functionality. Here are six autumn essentials:


Scarves are versatile accessories. There are an abundance of styles and ways to wear them. A thick infinity scarf is a fall must-have for style and practicality.


Finding a beanie that fits properly is a must for cold weather. Although the “the majority of body heat is lost through the head” saying is a myth, it is true that the face, head and chest are more sensitive to temperature changes than the rest of the body. Find a hat that matches your style and make it a staple in your fall wardrobe.


With temperatures not quite hitting freezing, breaking out the winter coat may feel premature. Find a thicker jacket in a warm color before settling into the puffy-coated winter blues.

Thick socks

Invest in a pair of knitted socks. Adjust them to peek out of boot tops or keep them hidden for the sole job of providing warmth.

Thigh-high socks

Wear dresses and skirts without committing to the tights life by wearing a pair of thigh-high socks instead. Socks provide the warmth of tights, but with a different, edgier look.

Brown boots

Brown is the color of fall. Copy nature by stepping into a neutral colored shoe. Brown boots will give any outfit that crisp, fall feeling.


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