MILLING IT OVER: Five hat-friendly hairstyles


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Cold weather is sneaking up quickly. This may mean choosing between staying warm with a hat or having a good hair day. But why not have the best of both worlds? These five hat-friendly hairstyles eliminate the need for a choice.

1. Braids

Part hair in the middle for an even look. Separate hair into two parts and twist into your favorite style of braid. Position the hat comfortably on your head. To finish, pull pieces of hair out of the front of the hat for a looser, more natural look.

2. Curls

To balance out the flatness a hat can cause, use a thicker curling iron (a 2-inch rod) to create big, voluminous curls.

3. Accent braid

Stick with your natural hair if you’re running low on time. Spice it up a bit by mixing in a small, subtle braid.

4. Waves

Straight hair doesn’t always mesh well with hats. Use your favorite wavy style to add volume and texture to an otherwise flat look. Try wrapping hair away from the face with a large-barrel curling iron if you don’t have a regular wavy hairstyle.

5. Curly side-sweep

Try this style for an edgier look. With a side part, curl your whole head of hair. Pin up the hair on the part's side to create an asymmetrical style. This works best with a looser fitting beanie.


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