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AT ISSUE: Ball State needs to show opinion of House Joint Resolution 6

	<p>Those in favor still hopeful as mariage ban moves to general assembly soon </p>

Those in favor still hopeful as mariage ban moves to general assembly soon

Faculty Council chairperson Kip Shawger has it right — Ball State prides itself on being non-discriminatory.

We were disappointed that Ball State didn’t step forward at the same time as Indiana University to show disapproval for House Joint Resolution 6, which would define marriage as between a man and a woman in the state constitution.

The resolution already puts Indiana forward as an extremely conservative state that clearly won’t accept all kinds of people. Same-sex marriage is already illegal, we get it. This is just grinding the hostility farther into the ground.

Thankfully, Faculty Council, University Council and Student Government Association have stepped forward with their own legislation to urge Ball State to react. Hopefully, University Senate will follow suit today.

SGA’s bill was sponsored by 324 students and five organizations. SGA bills rarely get more than 10 sponsors, let alone more than 300.

Clearly, we aren’t the only students on campus who care about the insensitive and exiling resolution.

HJR-6 would not only make current faculty members feel unwelcome at Ball State, but it would deter potentially great professors and faculty from coming to our campus and state.

Ball State also offers health benefits to domestic partnerships as it does marriages, which shows the feelings of the university already.

But Ball State needs to make it clear to actually affect the progress of the bill.

IU, Wabash College and Depauw University have already shown their concern. If Ball State doesn’t stand up, it will look like they don’t care about the equal opportunities they currently offer.

If Ball State truly cares about its community as much as its actions show, now is the time to show the state and nation that they are willing to stand up for what’s right.


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