The Ball State athletic department announced today that its rewards program is returning for the second year, according to a release. 

Ball State students can swipe their IDs at athletics events for points, which can then be redeemed for prizes. 

If a student swipes at a women’s volleyball or a women’s basketball game, they will be awarded 200 points. A swipe at a football game or a men’s basketball game will award the student 100 points. There will also be bonus events throughout the year, and will be “generally“ worth 300 points each.

There are four levels to the prizes: Rookie, All-Conference, All-American and Cardinal Legend.

The prizes range in values depending on the point value.

The lowest available prize is a rally towel for 100 points. One prize in the All-Conference level is a coupon for a free Qdoba burrito for 800 points. People with 1,500 points – or Cardinal Legend status – are eligible for drawings of grand prizes, which include televisions, gaming systems and book store gift cards.

Those who reach Cardinal Legend status also get to have lunch with football head coach Pete Lembo and two friends.