LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Professor honors former governor

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I feel extremely sorry for the loss of the late Governor Otis D. Bowen. But, his contribution as a statesman will always be respected. 

I am a United States citizen to live in Muncie, Indiana for 47 years, and I supported Governor Bowen since he first ran for governor. As a professor of political science at Ball State University, I have contributed to community service to promote international friendship.

I was so glad that Governor Bowen accepted my proposal 34 years ago to set up a sisterhood between the state of Indiana and Taiwan Province of the Republic of China. He was the first governor of the United States to set up a sisterhood with Taiwan for the mutual benefit of Indiana and Taiwan.

I especially appreciate his kindness and treasure our friendship. I went to Washington, D.C. to attend a conference, when Dr. Bowen was Secretary of Health and Human Services, and I had planned to visit him. I called his office to make an appointment. His secretary said that an appointment should be made two weeks in advance. Since I was to stay in Washington, D.C., for three days only, I asked her to forward my message to Secretary Bowen, with my regards.

Five minutes later, I received a telephone call from her telling me that Secretary Bowen wanted to see me the next day. This indicated Secretary Bowen treasured our personal friendship. We had a nice talk and I asked him to thank his secretary. I always treasured Dr. Bowen’s kindness.

Dr. Bowen will be respected always as a great statesman and a good friend.

Sincerely yours,

Teh-Kuang Chang,

Professor of Political Science

Ball State University


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