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When it comes to rules, I follow only one: rules are meant to be broken. The difficult part about fashion is the constant shift; the rules are always changing with the newest trends. 

A select few rules have transcended time and become fashion faux pas. From the runway, to Vogue, to department stores, to my grandma’s closet, fashion rules have trickled down the line, leaving our fashion knowledge outdated. While some classic guidelines are essential to follow, the next seven rules are dying to be eradicated.

Rule No. 1 You can’t mix patterns or prints

Whoever created this rule is boring. Try a polka dot skirt and a floral tank top. A plaid flannel and a striped T-shirt. A chevron dress and a lace scarf. A striped button-down and a paisley tie. Try mixing two or three prints of the same color scheme along with neutrals for a funky look. But don’t go overboard mixing four or five prints, or you’ll look like a fabric store threw up on your body.

Rule No. 2 You can’t wear white after Labor Day

Two words: winter whites. Why let those white jeans sit in your closet all winter? Pair them with a bulky sweater and some riding boots. Wearing dark, dreary colors all winter is depressing; liven up a snowy day with bright whites or another bright color. If you’re too scared to rock the white pants, try an oversized cream sweater with leggings or a fluffy white scarf. The one exception is white linen pants – save those for summer. 

Rule No. 3 You can’t wear denim on denim

We can blame the ‘90s boy bands for our denim trust issues. While wearing a denim ball gown is never a wise decision (Britney Spears, I’m talking to you), mixing different washes of denim is. Jeans have come a long way from our parents’ day. Take advantage of colored jeans, patterned jeans and distressed jeans. Try dark jeans with a lighter wash denim shirt or colored jeans with a white jean-vest. The key is multiple washes. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a denim jumpsuit. 

Rule No. 4 You can’t mix metals

For years, gold and silver jewelry have been singing, “Why can’t we be friends?” Gone are days of choosing between the two. Wear them together, and while you’re at it, throw in some copper, bronze and rose gold. If you’re weary about this trend, buy jewelry that mixes the metals for you. Try a bracelet with gold and silver charms or try metallic flats. 

Rule No. 5 Less is more

No, more is more. When it comes to jewelry, pile it on. Arm candy is in — and lots of it. Sleek or chunky watches are both functional and fashionable, so accompany that watch with a few bracelets. Bold, statement necklaces are flashy and can add to a plain neckline. Bright colored earrings are also a great route. My only rule is to avoid dangly earrings and stick with subtle studs if you choose a bulky necklace.  

Rule No. 6 You can’t wear black with brown or black with navy

Last time I checked, these colors are neutrals and neutrals are made to mix. Try a black dress with a chestnut belt, or black jeans with a navy top. Animal prints, such as cheetah, often incorporate multiple neutrals and can tie brown boots in with a black top. Shoes that mix brown and black tones are versatile and can be a wardrobe staple. Be careful mixing too many neutrals though; black, brown and navy in the same outfit just makes you look trend confused.

Rule No. 7 You can’t pull that off

If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “That looks great on you, but I could never pull that off,” I could buy out Louis Vuitton. OK not really, but you get the point. Don’t be scared to try new trends. The best way to discover personal style is to try the current trends and develop a sense of knowing what works for you. Be self-assured and open minded when trying news looks, because when you feel confident in an outfit, it shows. 


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