Poz’s Points

Tyler Poslosky writes Poz's Points for the Daily News. His views do not necessarily reflect those of the paper or The Daily

It’s been touted as the game of the season—the grandest of them all. Full of publicity stunts worthy of welcoming a circus to town, Wednesday’s marquee matchup should prove worthy of good entertainment.

When you arrive at Scheumann Stadium to witness two perennial Mid-American Conference teams clash, an opulent atmosphere will perhaps be waiting.

Wednesdaywill be like Super Bowl Sunday for Ball State—at least that’s what the athletic department is making it out to be. The hype and publicity have dispersed all the way from Tillotson Avenue down through University and McKinley Avenues—blanketing the entire campus.

It would be justifiable to assume Scheumann Stadium will be packed for the final home contest of the 2012 regular season.

And there’s sufficient reason for what should be the largest crowd of the season.

A 15-foot high video board has been leased and hauled in, one lucky student will drive off in a brand new GMC Terrain. Fans will be given glow sticks to wave around in the bitter, brisk night as they watch their beloved Cardinals flash their alternate black uniforms for the first time in school history.

Students have every incentive to show up—at least you’d like to think so.

Then again, this is the Ball State fan base we’re talking about—a student body seeming more concerned by how much they consume on game day rather than supporting their team.

The fact of the matter is Ball State (7-3, 4-2) is having its best season since 2008, and it seems the so-called “faithful” have more important things to occupy themselves with.

Quite frankly, it’s inexcusable.

Last Tuesday night against Toledo, there were 18,211 inside the Glass Bowl—loyal fans, who support their team through the good and the bad years. Fans who stick with their team despite frigid weather conditions.

Imagine how electric Scheumann Stadium would be with a crowd of 18,000-plus going nuts every play or every game. It would give Ball State a sense of home field advantage—an edge every program in the country welcomes with open arms.  

There haven’t been more than 18,000 fans filling the seats of Scheumann Stadium since 2008, which saw four games surpass the 20,000 mark.

I’m fully aware Lembo is in his second season, but what more does this fan base want from him and this program at this point? Ball State just knocked off a nationally ranked team for the first time in 11 years, has won four games straight and has a shot at finishing 9-3 overall. Furthermore, an invite to a bowl game will more than likely be on its way in the coming weeks.

What’s not to like about this team or this program? Every game this season has given us a new episode of drama, excitement and entertainment.

The theme for Wednesday’s contest is “Blackout the Bobcats.” It’s a flashy motto, but let’s hope Ball State doesn’t end up being blacked out by its own fan base on Senior Night.