Football team's success may be bad for local businesses

T.I.S. Bookstore general manager Pam Suminski said she has noticed a difference in her customers Ball State apparel preferences compared to last year.

"Last year when our customers came in, they were looking for shirts specifically relating to football," she said. "This year they're not necessarily as adamant about finding something with a helmet or football on it, they're just buying general Ball State logos."

This time last year, the Cardinals' football record was 7-0. Now, in a complete turnaround, it is 0-7. Suminski said she thinks the team's success last year definitely created more enthusiasm about her store's football apparel last year.

However, Ball State Athletics' new online store, which launched Sept. 2, sold out of its black Ball State football T-shirts.

"The loyalty of the alumni and our fan base is, for the most part, they will continue to support our programs through the good times and the bad times." said Joe Hernandez, associate athletics director.

The Ball State Bookstore in the Atrium was unable to get permission to comment.

CBX Bookstore in the Village was unavailable for comment.

Then (2008)
Football record: 7-0
Ball State football apparel, such as a T-shirt supporting injured football player Dante Love, were hot sellers at T.I.S. Bookstore           
Homecoming game weather was warmer = sold more T-shirts

Now (2009)
Football record: 0-7
General Ball State logo apparel is most popular at T.I.S. Bookstore
Homecoming game weather was colder = sold more hoodies


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