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Cards Against Humanity saves America

11/18/2017 8:38pm

In the latest bout of gaming/political news, the creators of Cards Against Humanity have vowed to “save America” from the clutches of Donald Trump. How? By buying a portion of the US/Mexico border.

The worst Justice League members of all time

11/15/2017 8:56pm

Over the many years that the Justice League has existed in the comics it has had over one hundred members coming in for varying amounts of time, and honestly some of them probably could have just stayed out.

The Coven S3E6: The Weinstein Scandal

11/06/2017 12:00pm

This week on The Coven, we take a look at the mess that is Harvey Weinstein and the controversy surrounding the recent information come out about him. We address the aftermath of the many women who have come out against Weinstein as well as the overarching issue of sexual assault in Hollywood. Was this a known secret?