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The Coven S4E10: Channel Awesome is not so awesome

04/26/2018 10:36am

We're back witches, with another magical episode of the Coven Podcast.  This week, we're looking at the issues surrounding Channel Awesome. From  sexual harassment, rape scripts, mismanagement, and non-apologies for  all this, it seems to be one of YouTube's many sinking ships.

RemixedS3E11: Nicki Minaj, ZAYN, and Bebe Rexha get discussed

04/23/2018 4:39pm

This week on Remixed we are discussing Nicki Minaj and her new song  (also how much we love her), ZAYN and how we feel about him and thoughts  on his music, and Bebe Rexha's new songs. All of this and more on this  week's episode of Remixed.

RemixedS3E10 - Drake didn't compare to Cardi B

04/16/2018 3:28pm

This week on Remixed we are discussing the ever popular Drake and  Cardi B's newest album, "Invasion of Privacy". Listen to our thoughts on  the newest music and much more on this week's episode of Remixed.

How It's Played S1E2: Ready Player One

04/13/2018 1:30pm

On this week's episode of How It's Played we are discussing "Ready  Player One." The movie, VR, Nintendo, technology in general, and the  future of gaming will be talked about on this week's episode of How It's  Played.