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5 things to do this St. Patrick's Day

03/17/2017 10:30am

St. Patrick’s Day is today, March 17. Dress up in green and celebrate the Irish holiday by taking part in one of these fun, holiday-themed events in Muncie.

Ball State senior opens preschool, serves as lead teacher

03/15/2017 10:10am

Nine beaming children with rosy cheeks file in through the door; the tenth child, too tired from her time spent on the playground, rests in the arms of the vivacious group’s teacher. As the children rush to the water fountain, their teacher gingerly lifts up each to the too-tall fountain, making sure every student has the chance to get a drink.

Nameless and shameless

03/14/2017 10:02am

Nearly 40 percent of internet users have experienced online harassment in some way. Half of those didn’t know the true identity of the perpetrator.

10 things to do at First Thursday this month

03/02/2017 4:05pm

This Thursday, students and community members are invited to downtown Muncie, as well as to Ball State’s campus, to experience a variety of art, food and activities at the First Thursday event. Here are some things to check out this week.