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What you should watch for Chanukah this year

12/12/2017 6:26pm

Even if the movie or special isn’t great, in the end it feels good to be acknowledged in a media landscape that largely ignores the Jewish faith. To help you deal with that suppressed Chanukah fever, we’ve compiled a nifty little list of some Chanukah goodness…or badness…to watch this year while eating latkes and playing dreidel. 

Pixar’s tired formula is given new life in ‘Coco’

12/02/2017 3:42pm

‘Coco’ looks fantastic and can be extremely heartfelt at times. The colors are bright and welcoming and the plot is easy to follow. However, there is not too much newness in regards to the plot and the “twist” is easy to spot from a mile away. Because of the beautiful animation and charming characters, these narrative faults are easy to ignore. Overall, the film is a must-see for Pixar fans or anyone who appreciates animated films.

‘Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’: A tropical copy-and-paste job

11/30/2017 2:53pm

'Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' do very little to distinguish themselves from their predecessors. For a game that came out a year after Sun and Moon, not enough has been done to rectify the many problems with the previous entries. Many areas still feel extremely linear with little in the way of exploration. There are too many cutscenes. Your character is a side character in Lillie’s story. Those who’ve played Sun and Moon can safely wait until the next game arrives on the Switch, but newcomers to Alola should consider 'Ultra Sun and Moon' the definitive games of Pokemon’s seventh generation.

South Park Season 21, Episode 7: “Doubling Down”

11/15/2017 5:14pm

“Doubling Down” is both funny and brilliant. It’s interesting to see South Park handle the toxicity of abusive relationships in such a powerful manner while simultaneously making a socially relevant point.