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Input 2 S5E7: Judaism in Holiday Films

12/08/2018 4:51am

Welcome back to Input 2! This week, we will be discussing the representation of Judaism throughout the holiday season. Does this small set of Hanukkah films best represent the reality of this religion today? Tune in to this week’s episode of Input 2 to find out more.

Input 2 S5E6: And They Don't Stop Comin'

11/19/2018 8:30pm

On this week's episode we are discussing the reboot of Shrek. Is this a blessing in disguise or God's way of punishing us? Why is there a Shrek reboot and what will it bring to the table for the generation that loves the Shrek series? Join us on this week's conversation over Shrek on Input 2.

Input 2 S5E5: Scream Scares in a new Meaning

10/29/2018 9:55pm

Input 2 tackles another Halloween classic with the movie Scream. Through its iconic ghost face masks and authentic characters, the series has created a unique sense of style. However, what scary origins is Scream hiding? Tune in to this week’s episode of Input 2 to find out more!