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Documenting Docs: Triumph of the Will

03/13/2018 11:38am

 If more people watch and learn from it, more people may be able to identify media that may have questionable motives. Leni Riefenstahl may be a great filmmaker, but that does not automatically excuse her poor morals in making the film. 

Documenting Docs: 'Through a Lens Darkly'

02/22/2018 6:37pm

The film is incredibly upfront in detailing the misrepresentation of African Americans by white artists and doesn’t shy away from showing the negative impacts of these depictions.

The importance of documenting documentaries

02/07/2018 11:40am

Without documentaries, tons of historical footage would be lost. We’d be unable to see the impact of wars, natural disasters, and human greed. We’d never be exposed to various cultures oceans away. Without documentaries, we would lose a large part of our reality.