When it comes to looking the best you can, the amount of products to choose from can be overwhelming. Some people tend to get lost throughout aisles and aisles of beauty products and can’t seem to know what they actually need. Sometimes you need a guide to help figure out what beauty products you should be using.

Kayla Scharff, a product consultant at Sephora, and Melissa Stanley, a consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics, are continuing to be wise within their fields with their selection of top beauty products you should have in your makeup drawer. Here are some of their recommended products that could help up your makeup game.

Melissa’s Top Picks:

1.    Mary Kay brushes (or any set of quality makeup brushes), $55 : They are so important for applying makeup properly. They can also help makeup stay on your face longer.

2.    A good leave-in conditioner, $13 : Matrix Instacure is a great product. It leaves your hair soft and not weighed down.

3.    Lip gloss (Bath and Body Works), $8 : Prevents your lips from getting chapped in the winter and can also protect them from the sun in the summer.

4.    C.O. Bigelow Lemon Hand Lotion, $15 : Great for deep moisturizing.

5.    Mary Kay Microdermabrasion, $32 : A great form of weekly deep exfoliating treatment. It helps remove excess skin and keeps skin looking subtle.

Kayla’s Top Picks:

1.   NARS Full Coverage Concealer, $29 : This concealer is a full coverage concealer with a creamy texture to give a natural flawless looking finish. Great for under the eyes or for hiding blemishes.

2.   Urban Decay Setting Spray, $30 : This product is used to set your makeup after you have finished your full face. It sets in place and your makeup will be able to withstand the day and night. It’s great for controlling your oil as well.

3.   Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, $19 : With this product, the name doesn’t lie! It’s called tattoo liner for a reason and it definitely lasts. This is a liquid eyeliner with a very thin brush, making it easy to apply. It’s especially great for people who are new to the liquid eyeliner scene.

4.   Urban Decay Blush, $26 : This is a great blush in any color. It is for people who want a very natural looking blush. It gives just the right amount of color to your cheekbones without much effort.

5.   Tarte Lash Primer, $22 : This primer goes on your lashes before you apply your mascara. It helps give your lashes more length and keeps your mascara from flaking or wearing off.

To obtain the ultimate makeup look, you should consider trying out all of these products. For more information on how to buy or apply them, you can visit a local Sephora store or contact a local Mary Kay consultant. You can also obtain these products by shopping online at www.sephora.com or www.marykay.com. Some of them can also be found at local drug stores in your area. Bless your beauty bag with some worthwhile cosmetics and feel your best!