Here are some gift ideas for the holiday season.

Dad: These gifts ideas are inspired by the hilarious dad: Jimmy Fallon.

If your dad is a businessman who wears suits everyday, check out the new iPhone case that looks like a pocket square. It’s called the pocket dial. Your dad will look polished at every business meeting.

If your dad is a sports fanatic, check out the new style of sport gear called Hands High Sports Apparel. Your favorite team logo is shown when you do a high five or touchdown sign. 

Finally, if your family just welcomed a new baby, get the picture book "Dada." It will try to get the baby’s first word to be Dada — every dad’s dream. 

Mom: Pick something she loves and make a tradition of it.

If your mom loves comfort, start a pajama tradition. She will be cozy all winter long. 

  • Try Macy’s, Victoria's Secret, or Kohl’s

If your mom loves jewelry, get her a simple piece each year. You can get great prices on jewelry if you go to local stores, or by looking at online sales. 

  • Try Charming Charlie or Macy’s

Also, if your mom is the cook in the house, get her a new kitchen accessory and volunteer to be her official taste tester. 

  • Try Target, Sur La Table or Pampered Chef

Your significant other: Make sure you are on the same page so both of you can have a great time and aren’t feeling guilty about what you bought or how much you spent.

If you’re both crafty, make each other personal gifts like a collage, frame or photo album. 

  • Try Shutterfly or Michaels

If you both are adventurous, pool your money together and go on a holiday trip. 

  • Try Travelocity, Expedia, or Priceline

Get each other matching jewelry, clothing, or technology. 

  • Try Macy’s, Best Buy or Amazon

Siblings: This depends on age and gender of your sibling.

Older Boy: The best way to give a gift to your big bro is to do it subtly. Get him a tie if he got a recent promotion. If he is married with kids, give him a meaningful gift that reflects his family. 

  • Try Macy’s or Shutterfly

Younger Boy: If he is into games, buy him the newest age-appropriate game. If he is into movies, buy him movie passes or a box DVD set. 

  • Try Target or

Older Girl: A new wardrobe piece is a great gift. Accessories like scarves, totes or shoes will be a great addition to her wardrobe. 

  • Try Forever 21, DSW, Marshalls or Aldo

Younger Girl: If she loves beauty, try makeup, skin or hair products. Another great gift is a day out together. If she is close to you, she will love a shopping day or brunch day. 

  • Try Aldo, Bath & Body Works or Victoria's Secret

Niece/Nephew: A great gift is clothes. 

They will appreciate a new sweater or dress. Make the gift even better by adding a toy. Or pajamas with their favorite character on it. 

  • Try Target or Kohl’s

Other Tips: 

Start with a budget. When following a budget, you can buy great gifts that you can afford. Buy a gift with meaning. Make sure the gift has a special meaning to you and the person you are giving it to. 

Finally, remember: it's not the gift that counts. It’s the reaction from the person you’re giving it to, and spending time with people you care about.