Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Here is a an outfit guide for different types of holiday celebrations. 


  • Family dinner: If you’re going to a family event, most likely your grandparents or great aunt will be there. Dress modest. Anyone who is over 50 doesn’t want to see your curves or plunging neckline. This is a family event, not a party.
  • Thanksgiving at S.O.'s house: If you’re going to your significant other’s house, this requires a fine line between sexy and overtly sexy. You want to look good for him or her, but you don’t want to offend any of the guests. Wear leggings under a dress or a cardigan over a low-cut top. After all the guests are gone you can take these layering pieces off and enjoy a night with your bae.
  • Friendsgiving chill: You don’t celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast of turkey and pumpkin pie. Instead you hang out with your closest friends. For this event, dress how you want. Your friends know your style and will like whatever you choose.

Wear pieces you can wash. A spilled drink or food stain could ruin your favorite clothing.


  • Family festivities: You and your family are into both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. To be fashionable at each event, plan out your wardrobe. Determine what is appropriate for each occasion. A fancy Christmas Eve dinner needs a stylish dress. If you are going to church, throw a jacket over the dress to be modest in a sacred place. On Christmas day, you have a brunch or late dinner. Wear something sparkly to get in a festive spirit, or wear a simple sweater with a scarf to keep warm.
  • Small-group gathering: You are low key. Christmas time is a small gathering. You have a local Christmas Eve dinner with a fitted jacket and pants. The next day is all about comfort and closeness while you open presents. Wear a cute sweatshirt that can look great with jeans if your family decides for an impromptu dinner.
  • Christmas morning mimosas: You celebrate in a less traditional way. You may see your family on Christmas Eve and spend time with your friends during mimosas on Christmas Day. Show off in a sweater dress or a skirt with printed tights.

Accessorize carefully. You may need to substitute heels for flats or boots. Also, pick statement pieces and leave the rest of your outfit minimal. Or do the opposite and wear a flashy ensemble with minimal accessories.