Two by two they started to come.

Little by little; one by one.

Over the hills from across the way,

From over the oceans; over the bays.

Those from the outside, those who aren’t queer

are transforming to allies, year after year.

Taking their privilege and making a place

To meet on the level, face to face.

Teaching each other, sharing the truth,

Spreading the message, lifting the youth.

No time to falter, no time to doubt,

No time for closets, it’s time to be out.

Voices shout louder, shaking the earth.

Walking as one, it’s time for rebirth.

Accustomed to hiding, so familiar with fear,

Look up fellow humans! Revolution is near.

Those voted to power - they keep writing laws

About bathrooms, and marriage, to further their cause.

They continue the battle to single you out,

But we are together, and we are devout.

They use their religion to bury the facts

But you have grown up with these silly attacks -

Shellfish, and toasters, mixed fabric, tattoos.

This verse, not that one; they pick and they choose.

They watched as your heroes died from AIDS,

Turned their back on the “disease of the gays”.

Forcing our loved ones to feel so alone.

They felt they were worthy of casting first stones.

Though the pain that lingers is a thorn in our heart -

The brothers and sisters who can no longer take part

in the celebration of how far you’ve come.

We must keep going, we know we aren’t done.

Sitting in silence never suited you well,

You come to give panic, we’ve come to give hell.

Demanding the rights that should’ve always been there,

We’re beside you to love, to support, and to care.

Privilege is power, and ally means action.

Listening and education are only a fraction

of being an ally; it remains paramount

To never back down, to never sit out.