Going back home from college or traveling somewhere for thanksgiving? Well you’re in luck! Here is all you need to know for the perfect airport outfit.

1.     Ripped Skinny jeans

Work the classic blue denim. Most travelers prefer to wear jeans on board a plan because they’re just oh so comfortable. You don’t want to feel restless in a tight pair of low-waist jeans while sitting on a 10 hour plane ride so choose your denim wisely.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

2.     Slip into a comfortable cotton top

The more plush your top is, the better. No one wants to be sitting in their seat itching their skin because they chose the wrong wooly top to wear that day. Cotton clothes keeps you comfy and lets your skin breathe. Everyone has that favorite go to t-shirt so you don’t even need to shop exclusively for this piece.

3.     Throw on a jacket

A simple leather jacket is the perfect piece to put together your whole outfit. No matter where you’re going, you’ll always need to carry a jacket with you because believe me, it feels like the tundra on some of those planes.

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Mail UK

4.     Stick to flats