We all have those essential carry-on items: your plane ticket, laptop, phone charger, wallet. But whether you’re jetting off for the holidays, or planning for spring break, everyone can find these items in their carry-on bag useful.

Lip balm- The air on planes is always so dry. Save your lips from misery by bringing Chapstick or lip balm.

Portable charger- While waiting hours at airport security and in the line at Starbucks, your phone will probably be dead before you get on the flight. And if all the outlets are taken by the business men and women typing away on their laptops, having a portable charger will be a life saver. Just make sure you charge it the night before.

Fuzzy socks- I’m always that girl that puts her festive Christmas socks on as soon as I board the flight. Airplanes are always so cold, but the socks keep you nice and cozy.

Makeup remover wipes- We all know that gross feeling at the end of the flight. There might be mascara under your eyes from falling asleep, or you just feel like you need to shower. Well until you can reach your destination to freshen up, makeup remover wipes get rid of the oil and dirt from the hours at the airport.

Scarf- A fashion statement or a pillow. If I’m traveling in the colder months, I bring the biggest scarf I have to have a headrest on the flight. Or you could bring a neck pillow, whatever works.

Adult coloring book- No longer just for the kids, coloring books have been proven to relax the mind and can pass the time on long flights. You can find so many different options at Target or Walmart and they’re lighter than carrying a book or laptop.