Finally, fall is here and that means that it’s time to update your wardrobe. You’re just in time for those fall trips to the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch. It’s time for sweaters, jeans and those favorite pair of booties that you can’t live without. Everyone wants to look good and stay up-to-date on the newest fashion trends. A must-have for this coming fall is a stylish choker that puts your whole outfit together. The 90’s trend is coming back with a boom as women around the globe express their love for chokers. What I love most about chokers is that you can perfect an outfit with them. This 90’s trend can give you a classy, punk, edgy or sophisticated look to work with your outfit. We went out onto the streets of Ball State’s campus to find these lovely ladies expressing the trend. Each one shows that the necklace renaissance is upon us, and opens to a variety of interpretations. Here are some of the hottest looks we love. The choker fever is just beginning.

All photos by Sophia Lahmers

This leather wrap choker is simple and easy to style. You can work a variety of ways with this piece. You can double tie the necklace into a bow, a knot or leave the tassels hanging down your neck for a more boho look. No matter how you decide to style this necklace, you’ll rock the look. To give your outfit more attention, you can wear this with a low-cut shirt to accent.

I love layering necklaces tightly around the neck along with other necklaces. This look can give your simple outfit more artsy and fun. The flashier your necklace, the more eye-catching. This look is perfect for a day look and also a night look for going out.

The classic velvet choker has been around forever. Even dating back to the 1790’s French women would wear these chokers on special occasions. This fashion spread throughout Europe. This simple necklace would look great with a white T-shirt and a good pair of denim.

Last but not least is the original choker from the 90’s that was the must-have of their time. There is something about this choker that makes me feel frisky and punkie when wearing any outfit. The detailing on the necklace is polished and feminine; perfect for modern styles.