Photo Courtesy of Bing

The early 2000s was a time where fashion was very… individualized, if that’s what you want to call it. From bandana crop top shirts to red carpet dresses that resembled night gowns, these trends were very different in the 90s and especially different than what we wear today. It’s crazy to think that some of the things that were trending only a mere 15 years ago are now things that we would never consider wearing. So with homecoming upon us and the theme being blast from the past, what’s a better way to get a good look at the past than admiring the worst fashion trends from the early 2000s?

    1.     Long white tees

We all remember the long white tees. This was a look the celebrities’ sported, as well as everyday people. They were worn usually by men but they were so long they looked like dresses! Ring a bell now? These long white tees were usually paired with sweatbands and jeans, and of course, the freshest shoes out. This was one of the most common looks of the early 2000s and it could possibly be because of the song “White Tee” by Dem Franchize Boyz. This song is what made long white tees a trend, and another reason why it will always be remembered…but not loved.  

    2.     Shutter Shades

Wearing shades or sunglasses inside is a trend that is still popular with celebrities today. But this trend had to originate from somewhere right? Well, I would say it came from shutter shades. Shutter shades are pretty much sunglasses without the dark shade, instead it has a “shutter look” that is meant to shade from the sun but is also easier to wear inside. Kanye West is a celebrity that was well known for rocking these shades. They came in all bright colors and teens all over were wearing them. Luckily, it wasn’t a trend that stuck around since they were pretty much pointless…

    3.     All Denim Outfits

Denim jeans? Check! Denim jacket? Check! Denim hat? Check! These are the questions that people had to ask themselves when they wore all denim outfits. This was a look that was HUGE. It was a look on the red carpet, in movies and all around an everyday fashion trend. Stores were full of everything denim. Now, I hardly ever see denim hats. It’s funny that this was so popular because now I see denim jackets a lot, but they aren’t usually paired with denim pants or hats…weird how things change so quickly right?

    4.     Gauchos

Gauchos…what is there to say about these pants? Or are they capris? That is a question that may never be answered. Gauchos came in all different materials and colors. Did you know gauchos originated from horse-based cultures? Men who were super experienced in cattle and ranch work wore gauchos. Crazy, right? I can’t lie, my mom used to make me wear these to events where I had to dress up. I have always looked at them as pants (or capris) that were worn for special occasions rather than worn on an everyday basis. They weren’t as popular on the red carpet or with celebrities but they were popular to other people.

5.     Layered Shirts

Now this look was crazy popular. It was popular on and off the red carpet. It was almost as if you wore a shirt, you had to find another shirt or tank top to layer it with to get that two toned look. I bet the sales of tank tops skyrocketed during this time, since that was usually what shirts were layered with. There were the basic two layered shirts where it was just one shirt underneath another one. But, I used to see people who would take it as far as layering 3 or 4 shirts underneath one shirt. That was most certainly doing the most and I have to say I am happy that this particular look that isn’t around much anymore. 

They say history repeats itself, so I wonder if in another 20 years will these looks be back and better than ever? I highly doubt it and I honestly hope not! Tweet us what you think the worst trends of the early 2000s were!