Early Friday morning, Muncie police arrested three people in the Village after a battery occurred outside of Brothers Bar and Grill.

Muncie police were dispatched shortly after 3 a.m. and were advised the suspects had left in a car. An officer located the car shortly after.

Michael Carr, 30, Muncie, was preliminarily charged with disorderly conduct; Anthony Ford, 23, Muncie, was preliminarily charged with battery, no injury, and disorderly conduct; and Miguel Hill, 23, Muncie, was charged with disorderly conduct and battery, no injury.

Police spoke with four victims who all said they were battered for an unknown reason. One victim told police his head hurt and didn’t remember what exactly happened.

The victims tried removing themselves after a verbal altercation occurred inside, but both the witnesses and the victims told police the suspects continued to follow them.

One victim said that when he tried to leave Brother’s Bar and Grill, he was approached by a suspect and asked if he wanted to fight. The suspect the punched the victim in the throat and ran away.

Hill is currently being held in the Delaware County Jail on a $8,500 bond. Carr posted a $1,000 bond and Ford posted a $8,500 bond.