With October starting and midterms coming up, students are in the swing of things.

Campus is more crowded than ever before, with 21,998 students, making this the largest student body since 1997.

“I am so excited to be here at Ball State” Laura Cross, a freshman at Ball State said.

Cross is one of the many students who live on campus in a living learning community.

“I live in the business living and learning community, which is good because I am surround by people with my interest,” Cross said.

Ball State created the freshman connection community back in 1998.

“ The differences was that these communities were created based off of class schedules rather than different majors.” Joel Bynum, assistant director for the coordination of living learning programs said.

The transition into living learning communities  happened about 15 years ago and today Ball State offers 14 different living learning communities for students focusing on different majors. .

“Each community has an academic peer mentor that offers students help from their resident hall,” Bynum said.

These communities are equipped with items that could be useful to each major. In the Johnson West complex, for example, there is a black box theatre and a dance studio for the students living in the theatre and dance community.

“These communities are available to allow student to get the most out of their college experience.” Bynum said