Throughout October, Beyond the Scope of Reality Paranormal will be holding investigations and will present their findings to show that not all ghosts are apparitions with a white sheet over them.

Ghosts, Dogmen, Mothmen and other kinds of cryptids are just a few of the spirits that members of BSR Paranormal believe in. 

“I have had experiences since I was four years old with ghosts, and more recently within the last two years, with Dogmen,” said Jennifer Jacobs, founder of BSR Paranormal. “I have been touched, seen full body apparitions, spoken to, heard my name called and have been attacked by a negative spirit at the Ohio State Reformatory Prison.” 

Jacobs said it is normal for people to be interested and not say anything, and the tours and meetings are a great opportunity for people like this to connect. The first upcoming ghost hunt and paranormal investigation is Oct. 27 and 28 in Warsaw, Indiana. 

“I believe people come to meetings and events to be around like-minded people and to share their experiences in a place that is safe, where they won’t be made fun of,” Jacobs said. 

It costs $23 to go on a ghost tour, and attendees must first attend the meeting to prepare for the tour. Those on the tour must also bring a flashlight, wear appropriate clothing and not wear cologne or perfume. 

“Most people think it’s like the shows on TV, but it isn’t and anyone that has been on an investigation knows this,” Jacobs said.

The group is used to skeptics, however, and has learned to not let what people say get to them. 

“Some [skeptics] can be quite rude, and you have to let it roll off your back,” Jacobs said. “I also like to ask them, ‘Has there ever been a time you’ve had something happen that you cannot explain?’ Nine times out of 10, they come up with something, but then you have the die-hard skeptics that if they were kidnapped by a UFO they would say they were dreaming.”

BSR Paranormal also hosts events for those who don’t want to go on the ghost hunts. These events include a presentation of findings from ghost hunts and a South Bend Para-Rally will be held on Oct. 13 and 14 at the Century Center, located at 120 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

BSR Paranormal also has a YouTube channel, and in November Jacobs will also be co-hosting a YouTube show called Cryptonormal X with David Keilman and Simon Young, where they will cover all aspects of the paranormal.

Keilman said he has encountered Dogmen several times, and Young, who is from Australia, has had many experiences with the Yowie, a humanoid creature said to live in the Australian wilderness.

“Many people are interested in both the ghost side and the cryptic side, but many are afraid to share this interest with others due to ridicule, being called a liar and being bullied and made fun of,” Jacobs said. “I say it loud and proud that I’m a believers and if you don’t believe me, that is your choice.” 

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